Our Mission

Ober-Read & Associates is driven to be the recognized leader in the United States for fluid and air pump solutions for OEMs in new and emerging technologies, by combining diverse product capabilities, cutting edge pump concepts, and offering customer support that exceeds all competitors.

What we do

Ober-Read is a manufacturer’s representative and distributor for fluid pump, vacuum and low-pressure air products. The company has 2 points of focus.

National OEM Fluid Pump Sales Focus

For over 60 years, Ober-Read has concentrated our fluid pump sales efforts toward support of OEM applications. Unlike most industrial pump distributors, who support a broad industrial customer base, Ober-Read has created a portfolio of products that are uniquely capable of meeting the needs of machine builders in markets such as electronics cooling, medical equipment, machine tool coolant, and water processing.

We understand the unique needs of an OEM customer, from selecting and prototyping the proper pump solution for their machine, to supply chain logistics required to make sure the approved product is there when needed for machine build.  We represent complementary product lines that allow an OEM to decide among different pump technologies to select the best one for their application.

New England Process Focus

Within New England, Ober-Read serves as a stocking distributor and consultative sales organization for application of pumps, vacuum pumps, and low pressure rotary lobe blower products. This includes direct sales to process applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, power and wastewater treatment.

What you can expect from Ober-Read

  • Competent technical help to quickly advise you of product options that could be a good solution to your application
  • Support through the sales process, as a liaison between your application needs, and the manufacturer that can best meet those needs
  • Fast response to customer service related issues, including spare parts, warranty, delivery and logistics issues
  • The ability to talk to a person live at our company who can properly understand your issue and get you the answers needed

Ober-Read & Associates History

Ober-Read & Associates was originally founded in 1950 by Lou Ellinger and Dick Ober. Ellinger & Ober Company, located in Guilford, Connecticut, was a manufacturer’s representative company servicing Southern New England for pumps and air blowers. Several years later Lou Ellinger retired, and Dick Ober became the sole owner, renaming it the Ober Company. In 1962, following the unexpected passing of Mr. Ober, Carl Read purchased the Ober Company, and renamed it Ober-Read to pay tribute to the former owner and founder. In 1971, Carl’s son Chris joined the company in a sales role, and soon thereafter Ober-Read moved to North Branford and Carl renamed it Ober-Read & Associates. Chris then purchased the rep agency outright in 1984.

During Chris’ ownership, Ober-Read gradually transformed from a New England sales company, to a national sales representative firm servicing OEM customers nationwide, and focusing on small liquid pumps, with remote sales offices is several states outside New England.

While we are always open to considering new products, it is our deep rooted history with many of our trusted principals that has made us the strong sales company we are today.

We have been a distributor of Gardner Denver lobe blowers dating back to when we signed on with what was then Schwitzer blower in 1966.

Ober-Read began our current relationship with Iwaki America (Then Iwaki Walchem) in 1982.

We sold our first Busch vacuum pump in 1975. At that time Busch USA had just 4 employees. They now have over 350.

We have represented Wanner Engineering as far back as 1968.

And we have represented Price Pump Company continuously since 1971.