Medical Device manufacturers demand long life, low cost, compact pump solutions, typically with variable speed motor options. Ober-Read has developed a portfolio of pump brands and types to meet virtually every medical device application, including analyzer products and laboratory products.

  • Kidney Dialysis
  • Lasers (Skin, Vision, heart)
  • Urology
  • MRI and CT Scanners
  • Autoclaves and Sterilizers
  • Negative Wound Therapy
  • Surgical Thermal Control Systems
  • Hospital Heating Blankets
  • Lyophilization
  • Blood Analyzers

Our technologies vary to meet a wide range of application. Most pumps are engineered composite construction, or 316 Stainless Steel.


fot brand - OEM Market: Medical Devices Market

Typically for thin or moderately viscous, clean fluids. Capable of differential pressure up to 150 psi, with flow rates of 10 GPM and below. Speed control using brush type or brushless DC motors. Often used for filtration, chillers, sterilizers, dialysis and lyophilization applications.

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DC Motor Pump Catalog
FG100 Brushless Datasheet
FG200-300 Brushless Datasheet


iwaki brand - OEM Market: Medical Devices Market

Miniature solenoid driven pumps are used for Infusion and withdraw of fluids with high-resolution control, at rates below 1000 microliters. These normally come with a 4V stepper motor drive.  Typical applications include dosing medicine, catheterization, microdialysis and organ and tissue perfusion.

SPV Syringe Pumps Catalog


iwaki brand - OEM Market: Medical Devices Market

APN series pumps are miniature diaphragm pumps that can pump waterlike fluids or air at low pressures (or vacuum for air). AC, 115V or DC powered with brush or brushless motors, they can deliver up to 4000 ml/min of air at pressures to 11 psi or vacuum to 26” Hg. These are used on negative wound therapy units and numerous analyzer applications.

APN-W Series Brochure
APN for Wound Applications


iwaki brand - OEM Market: Medical Devices Market

Rotary piston pumps can pump thin to thick fluids with precise metering accuracy, using a wobble-plate type of action to stroke the piston. They deliver up to ¼ GPM max flow, and at pressures to 100 psi. They are regularly found in applications for diagnostic units, clinical chemistry, and kidney dialysis.

V Series Piston Brochure


iwaki brand - OEM Market: Medical Devices Market

Very compact Brushless DC, and smaller AC powered pumps for transfer of thin fluids. Flow rates from ¼ GPM up to as much as 20 GPM. Normally for low pressure transfer up to 15 psi.  Suitable for small surgical systems, heat exchanger loops, personal body cooling and heating blankets.

NRD Series Brochure
Iwaki Small Mag Dr Brochure
MD-DC Brochure
DDC Series

price pump brand - OEM Market: Medical Devices Market

Larger CPVC or 316 Stainless Steel pumps for waterlike fluids. Normally offered at 20 GPM or lower, but larger models can be provided. Pressure to 70 psi. Most often used for chiller or larger laser applications.

Price Centrifugal Brochure


fot brand - OEM Market: Medical Devices Market

Used on thin or moderately viscous, clean or particle laden fluids. Pressures 30 psi or less. Flow rates to 800 ml/min. Brush or brushless DC motor. Used on sterile applications as disposable tubing is only product in contact with the pumped fluid.

Tubing Pump Catalog


speck brand2 - OEM Market: Medical Devices Market

Used on waterlike, clean fluids. Capable of differential pressures up to 125 psi and flow rates 40 GPM or below. Often used at constant speed, but can be speed controlled with brushless DC motor. Primarily used for chillers, lasers and higher flow applications.

Speck Mag-Drive Brochure