nikuni brand2 - Process Products: Regenerative Turbine DAF Products

The Nikuni KTM is a modified version of our standard Regenerative Turbine pumps that is specifically designed for use in Dissolved Air Floatation systems in Wastewater Treatment. By adding an air nozzle in one inlet port, and controlling the inlet effluent and air flow properly, the pump will internally mix the air and water, generating microbubbles from 4-18 micron, with most in the 6-11 micron range.

The presence of microbubbles in a waste stream can be used to collect and float particles, and the small bubble size, and quantity produced, is proven to be an effective part of the DAF process.

KTM Pumps are mechanically sealed, and offered close-coupled or base mounted, and include an air intake nozzle with each pump.